Welcome, friends and family, to our little corner of cyber space. The first iteration of our website served as a window into our wedding for friends and family from afar. Now, our wedding website has become our family website. Some areas are still password protected. If you'd like access (and we know who you are) contact us and we'll set up a password for you.


Our website is intended to be a reflection on our lives; with each new chapter in our lives comes a redesign of our website. Yet we also want our website to serve as a living history, so we can look back and reflect on our lives together. Below are the different incarnations available, from our engagement to the wedding and beyond. Click on the name of the theme to change the website appearance.

Thirty Little Toes

Welcoming Dana!

Welcoming Alexis!

Welcoming Nicole!

Adventures Abroad

Wedded Bliss

July 12th, 2024
249 days until our 15th anniversary
15 days, 8 months