Easter Egg

What is an Easter Egg?

An Easter egg is a message or feature intentionally hidden within a given media such as a website. The fun in Easter eggs is finding them (like an Easter egg hunt). They are particularly common in video games and music CDs, but also are present in many software programs.

Why mention Easter Eggs?

In keeping with that tradition, we have hidden an Easter egg somewhere in this site. We are, after all, computer scientists, and we do geeky things. Normally, one wouldn't declare the presence of an Easter egg, however not all of our friends and family are familiar with Easter eggs and we wanted it to be fun for everyone. What's the message? Well you'll just have to click around to find it. Happy hunting!

Hint #1 You will know it when you see it. If you think you might have found it, you haven't.
Hint #2 It requires a series of actions, not a single action.
Hint #3 It does not involve hacking our family website. Nice try though ;)